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Private Jet Charter and Jet Maintenance

DuPage Aerospace Corporation (DPA) is a full service aviation company specializing in Aircraft Charter and Aircraft Maintenance. Located on DuPage Airport in West Chicago, IL our 40,000 square foot facility is private, comfortable and staffed with trained professionals that possess a can-do attitude.

Aircraft charter quoting and fleet management software

Private Jet Maintenance – Chicago Services

In fact, it is that exact ‘attention to detail’ attitude that has made DuPage Aerospace successful in the private aircraft maintenance field. We are a Class 4 repair station (the highest FAA rating level). This means our team of highly trained professionals can handle everything from single piston aircraft to large cabin corporate jets. And yes, the buzz you’ve heard is true… our Hawker jet maintenance and inspection service is second to none in this area.

And that’s not where it ends. We provide private aircraft management services for owners who want all the benefits of a private jet without all the headaches associated with training a crew, maintenance, record keeping and other vital day-to-day duties.

Even if you’re simply in the market for private jet ownership or even private joint jet ownership, we can assist. We start by helping you choose the best aircraft for your needs. We provide pre-purchase inspection, price negotiation and even delivery.

Best of all, our competitive rates will have you walking away wide eyed and feeling wonderful! Give us a call at 630-513-2222 or fill out the contact form to receive your private jet consultation or request more information on any of our services.

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